Penannt Hills Senior AFL Club is pleased to announce all Coaching positions for the club are filled for 2015. The club is proud to have retained the services of Premier Division and Club Coach Chris Yard, Division 1 Coach Jason Clarke and Under 19 Coach David Pinker. New to the Club coaching group are Nathan Breen Division 3, Nick and Mike Baglin Joint Division 5 and Todd Williams under 19 Division 2 Coach. Assisting the Coaches are Andrew McLellan in Premier Division, Wayne Keating in Division 1 and Trent Roddan in the under 19s. Assisting in the under 19s is Tim Wolnizer as an Under 19 Development coach. With such a large Coaching group the committee has recruited Glenn Gunstone to the role of Vice President Football and is extremely pleased to announce Past Premier Division & Premiership Coach Michael Cousens has accepted the new role of Director of Coaching / Chairman of Selectors. Premier Division and Head Coach Chris Yard Vice President – Football Glenn Gunstone Director of Coaching / Chairman of Selectors Michael Cousens Assistant Coach – Premier Division Andrew McLellan Division 1 Coach Jason Clarke Assistant Coach –Division 1 Wayne Keating Division 3 Coach Nathan Breen Division 5 Coach – Joint Nick Baglin Division 5 Coach – Joint Mike Baglin (Joint) Under 19 Division 1 and Head Coach David Pinker Under 19 Assistant and Division 2 Coach Todd Williams Under 19 Assistant Coach Trent Roddan Under 19 Development Coach Tim Wolnizer The club is still welcoming new players across all Divisions for 2015 ** Pennant Hills has added 2 new teams for the 2015 season bring to a total 6 senior teams for 2015 – the highest number of teams in the clubs history.