A message from the President, Committee and Coaches 
Firstly in these unprecedented times, your health and the health of your family is the most important issue. Though we understand how important the Pennant Hills Football Club and social interaction is for many of our players. We want to reiterate that despite us not all being able to join as a community, every heart is still beating true from a distance. Our motto of club, team, self will continue to be applied to the challenges we face.This brief update is aimed at keeping players and the Penno community informed, but in a rapidly changing environment, this may change as new government direction comes to hand.

As announced by the AFL the season for all levels of football is suspended to 31 May 2020. Based on this our communication below is made on the assumption that the 2020 season will recommence on 6 June 2020.

  • Football
    • Keeping our players physically prepared for the recommencement of the season will be achieved through small training groups. These groups of (6 to 8) will be organised and communicated by your coaches and may be based on playing teams and home geography.
    • Please note that training is not compulsory. We are currently working with Bailey O’Brien (S&C Coach) on delivering a running program for anyone who isn’t comfortable with our small group sessions.
  • Registration Fees
    • We appreciate the financial challenges that our players and the community will be facing. Taking this into account advice regarding registration fees will be provided in coming weeks.
    • If anyone has any specific concerns please contact Valerie Wade  gm@phafl.com.au
  • Social Events / Functions
    • Small group/team social events to be scheduled to ensure social connection and social fun activities will be added to the weekly training program and shared online.
    • Season Launch on 28/3 has been cancelled. Any updates on a new date will be communicated and future planned functions will stay in place unless there are further delays to the season.
  • Communications
    • Regular communication will be put in place via Social Media, Team App and email as new information is made available.
  • Player Welfare
    • As always Melissa Adams is available for anyone who needs support and the first session will be free.

Crossroads Counselling
0435 892 670

  • Memberships and Merchandise
    • Memberships will be available for those wishing to purchase it.
    • Merchandise will shortly be available online for those who would like to purchase or order for pick up at the first official training session.
Our player heat map
As we map our small group training program attached is a map of where our over 300 players reside in 2020.
Our Sponsors and supporting each other in times of Crisis and Stress
There are significant financial challenges projected for our club, as with all businesses and individuals. Our projections for the 2020 season will now see a significant financial loss. At this point in time, our support also goes to all of our sponsors who will also be facing unprecedented financial pressures. We assure our sponsors that we will continue to stand by you and where possible continue to support your businesses. This challenge will pass and we look forward to recommencing our lives, businesses and our football community.

On behalf of the 
President, Committee and Coaches of the Pennant Hills Australian Rules Football Club

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