Men’s Premier Division

Best & Fairest Mitchell Blow Ern Holmes Trophy
Runner Up Best & Fairest Nicholas Eynaud
Most Consistent Nick Richards
Best Team Man Michael Carroll
Most Improved Sam Eynaud
Coaches Award Stephen Wray
Players Player Nicholas Eynaud

Men’s Premier Division Reserves

Best & Fairest Mitchell Kunigiskis Angus McKernan Trophy
Runner Up Best & Fairest Chris Galvin
Most Consistent Harry Rivers
Best Team Man Regan Pinker
Most Improved Joel Cousens
Coaches Award Jordan Le Lay
Players Player Harry Rivers

Men’s Division 1

Best & Fairest Oliver Maybury
Runner Up Best & Fairest Darcy Carnahan
Most Consistent Cian Furlong
Best Team Man  Michael Fiedler
Best Team Man  Matthew Peters
Coaches Award Scott Chapman
Coaches Award Bill Kaczmarek
Players Player Oliver Maybury

Men’s Division 3

Best & Fairest Joshua Everett
Runner Up Best & Fairest Luke Bray
Most Consistent Geir O’Rourke
Most Consistent Chris Bloom
Best Team Man  Trent Summers-Leven
Coaches Award Tommy Pellizon
Players Player Joshua Everett


Best & Fairest Alexander Huggins
Runner Up Best & Fairest Peter Carey
Most Consistent Aaron King
Best Team Man  Troy McMurrich
Coaches Award Anthony Tonks
Players Player Alexander Huggins

Under 19 Division 1

Best & Fairest Matthew Gillbee Lenny Hayes Trophy
Runner Up Best & Fairest Michael Weathers
Most Consistent Tomas Kohlhagen 
Best Team Man  Charlie Tykvart
Most Improved Oliver Hall
Coaches Award Zac Morris
Players Player Matthew Gillbee

Women’s Premier Division

Best & Fairest Tayla Duguid
Runner Up Best & Fairest Eleanor Rugg
Most Consistent Kaitlin Noble
Best Team Person Elizabeth Gordon
Most Improved Ellie Cooper
Coaches Award Madeleine Brown
Players Player Tayla Duguid

Women’s Division 2

Best & Fairest Amy Court
Runner Up Best & Fairest Madison Fleming
Most Consistent Emma Richards
Best Team Person Brighid Tielman
Most Improved Alexandra Williams
Coaches Award Ashleigh Grubba
Players Player Amy Court

Women’s Division 3

Best & Fairest Katie Wellfare
Runner Up Best & Fairest Lucy Boyd
Most Consistent Claudia Bilinski
Best Team Person Jasmine Blow
Most Improved Rachel Ingram
Coaches Award Alyce Reilly 
Coaches Award Jordan Stout
Players Player Katie Wellfare

Other Awards

Footballer of the Year Stephen Wray Chris Yard Trophy 
Best Local First Year Mens Christian Webster Ken MacRae Shield
Best Local First Year Womens Ashleigh Grubba
Club Person of Year Leanne Maguire Harry Noad Shield
President’s Trophy Jennifer Williams President’s Trophy
100 Senior Games 2022 Matthew Miles
100 Senior Games 2022 Stewart Hodges
100 Senior Games 2022 Theo Moraitis
100 Senior Games 2022 Tim Acheson
100 Senior Games 2022 Tim Scoular
100 Senior Games 2022 Brett Thompson
100 Senior Games 2022 Kieron Coaldrake
100 Senior Games 2022 Joel Cousens
Life Member Nicholas de Gorter
Life Member Thomas Edmonds
Life Member Patrick Witt
Life Member Stephen Wray
250 Senior Games 2022 Matthew Carey
250 Senior Games 2022 Sebastian Parker
300 Senior Games 2022 Kieran Wright