Welcome to the first of many sports physio info series for the PHAFC!


Carlingford Active Health has been a proud sponsor of the club for almost a decade, providing training and game day coverage as well as ongoing support and management of injuries within our clinic, delivering high professional standards and excellent patient-centred care to get each and every player back on the field ASAP! We want to continue offering our best through this information series to help all players, parents and supporters of the PHAFC community!


The 2019 season is well and truly over and pre-season training for 2020 is on the horizon. Pre-season training and working hard before any sports season commences reduces the risk of injury, stimulates muscle growth and improves overall fitness and performance. This also enables players and coaches to identify any areas which may need to be addressed and to fine-tune any sport specific skills to work towards achieving any goals during the season.


Stay tuned to see how you can better maximise your pre-season training to get you as fit as possible for the upcoming 2020 season!