Junior player permit request to play with Pennant Hills Seniors

  • By submitting this form, we (the undersigned) are requesting a permit from our current junior club and Junior AFL League, to play football with the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club U19s. We also understand that the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club is submitting this form to the Sydney AFL to request clearance for this permit to take place, and that the following process will take place.
    1. The Pennant Hills Senior AFL Club will lodge the permit request with the Sydney AFL via the online system.
    2. The Junior club then has 6 days to authorise or reject the permit request.
    3. You will be advised if the permit has been processed successfully.
    4. To be eligible to play U19s for PHAFL you must have paid full Junior Club fees for the season in which you are requesting the permit, plus any insurance and uniform fees or other fees as set out by the Pennant Hills Senior AFL Club.
    5. All permit players are required to abide by the AFL Sydney Code of Conduct
    6. While players are covered under the leagues JLT insurance program, players are STRONGLY recommended to have private health insurance to cover medical expenses and ambulance fees which the JLT Insurance and Medicare may not.

    For further information regarding the junior player permit, please contact the Pennant Hills Senior AFL club registrar. The registrar contact details are available via the club website at www.phafl.com.au
  • To validate and lodge this permit, we require the following information AND signature AND an attached permission letter with information similar to the following example...

    To whom it may concern,
    I (your full name) hereby give permission for my (son/daughter/ward) (first name, last name) born on (DOB) aged (age) years, to play football for the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club as an underage player.

    I understand and accept the risks involved with playing at a higher age group, and believe (player name) is capable of playing at this level for the following reasons.

    (please use your own words, these are examples only)
    - Currently plays in an academy or representative team
    - Is physically developed to handle the level
    - Has proven to be mentally developed to benefit from playing at this level

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further if required on (mobile number).

    Kind Regards,
    (Parent / Guardian Signature)