To change clubs and join Pennant Hills please complete the Player Transfer Request Form (including Pennant Hills Juniors that are graduating to the senior club as they are too old to play juniors).

NOTE: If you are still young enough to play juniors football, you MUST register with a Junior Club and then request a Junior Player Permit to play with Pennant Hills Seniors teams.Click here to complete the Junior Player Permit

You acknowledge by completing and submitting this form, that the following process will be undertaken before you are transferred to the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club Inc.

Transfer Process
1. The Pennant Hills AFL Club club will lodge the transfer with Sydney AFL once we have received it from you
2. Your previous club has 6 business days to approve or decline the transfer once they are notified by Sydney AFL that you wish to transfer.
3. A transfer can be declined if you are still under contract, haven’t returned club property (i.e. jumper) or you owe them money etc.
4. Your previous league then has to approve the transfer.
5. Once the transfer is completed you will be notified by Sydney AFL.
6. You will then be required to register yourself online via the Sydney AFL registration Portal.

Player Transfer From Another Club

  • By submitting this form, I (the undersigned) am requesting a transfer from my current club to the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club Inc. I also understand that the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club is submitting this form to the Sydney AFL to request clearance for this transfer to take place, and that if I have unpaid fees or unfinished business at my current club I may not be granted a transfer clearance until these matters have been cleared up with my current club