Information you will need to know about playing footy in U19s at Pennant HillsThe Pennant Hills U19s (formerly U18s) provides a transition stage between playing junior AFL in Sydney and open age competition for Sydney AFL. It is also a great place to develop your football for senior club or representative level football.

The Pennant Hills U19s (formerly U18s) provides a transition stage between playing Junior AFL and open age competition for Sydney AFL. It is also a great place to develop your football for senior club or representative level football.


– To be recognised by the greater AFL community as the benchmark player development club in the Sydney AFL U19 competition in all divisions


– Players, Coaches, Staff, Volunteers and Parents are to commit themselves fully to the pursuit of excellence, through dedication to training, competition and lifestyle.
– The Club will operate a program that allows for any level of player experience to be catered for and improved, with the same attention to detail for all players from coaching and support staff.
– Players will be developed simultaneously for 2 complimentary pathways, internally toward open age football after graduating from U19s, but also supporting the AFL NSW/ACT Talent Development Program, which operates in conjunction with the Swans Academy, Giants Academy, TAC Cup and NEAFL Competitions.


– Develop players to be capable of playing senior (Open Age) football, and more specifically Premier Division football
– To teach our U19’s players to play similar game plans being used in Pennant Hills open age sides, academies and the NSW Rams state sides.
– To continue our involvement with Junior Clubs that feed into Pennant Hills Senior Club, and to provide a supportive player development program to the junior clubs.
– To maintain a safe and supportive environment for players and parents transitioning from Junior Clubs or other sports.
– To achieve on field success


At Pennant Hills we are very fortunate to boast one of the best physio programs in Sydney AFL, covering all grades through Head Physio Lauren Cain and the staff from Carlingford Active Health.
– If you receive an injury on game day or at training, you must advise your team physio or if they are not available your coach.
– Carlingford Active Health runs an injury clinic for Pennant Hills players on Monday nights from 6:30 pm, which you are expected to attend if you have received any injury that may prevent you from playing or training at 100%.
– Carlingford Active Health also offers a sports or remedial massage service if required at a discount rate to club players and members.
– If you are attending the Monday injury clinic, or would like to arrange a general appointment, contact Carlingford Active Health directly on 02 9873 2770 or visit their website . Carlingford Active Health is located at 733 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford NSW, 2118


– All players MUST pay for the compulsory medical insurance provided by JLT as part of the club registration fees.
– We strongly recommend that all players are also covered by their own private health insurance to cover any gaps between Medicare and the JLT Insurance service.
– It is also strongly recommended that you get AMBULANCE COVER as part of your private health insurance (as this is often left out of standard health insurance packages).


At Penno we are also fortunate to have access to match day videos for players and coaches to use for individual and team based performance analysis.
– A login and password will be provided for you to access the Athlete Tracker system, and you will be shown where the videos are located.
Please contact your coaches for more info.


The player selection process starts from the Premier Division 1st Grade team, and then works down through the grades, and includes the following considerations;

– The players ability to physically and mentally handle the level being considered.
– Commitment to training, self improvement and attitude toward the club.
– Football talent and ability.
– A players understanding of the game and team structures.
– Adaptability and versatility for the positions available and ability to follow the game plan.
– Availability and special requests from Representative football groups such as Sydney Reps, State Reps and Academies.

Team selections are announced on Thursday night after training at the club BBQ at the ground or at West Pennant Sports Club, and team will then be posted on ‘Team’ App.


– Represent yourself and your club with pride and protect the Penno brand. Our club motto Every Heart Beats True, and the club mantra is Club Team Self (Club first, then your team, then you).
– Prepare yourself for peak performance (diet, lifestyle, recovery, training attitude, match day commitment).
– PLAYERS are to provide clear communication with coaching staff (e.g. if you cant make training or the game, advise the head coach ASAP so that alternate arrangements can be made to cover you).

Parents are expected to assist the club in some way. The club puts a lot of time, money and effort into developing and supporting your kids, please make this a 2 way process. Come to functions and events, and volunteer for at least 1 job during the year to lighten the load.


– Coaches are always available for advice and support both on and off the field.
– Coaching staff will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and sort out how to improve on BOTH.
– Coaching staff will ensure a fair and well balanced approach to game time and team selections to ensure club success.
– Coaching staff will NOT tolerate abuse, bullying or vilification of any person, either in our teams, towards the umpires or the opposition.


– Pre Season Training starts 16th Jan at 6:30pm, and runs every Tuesday and Thursday evening, plus a Sunday session starting at at 9am (at Mike Kenny Oval – MKO) Joggers Only (no Boots)
– Regular season training starts at 6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the regular season at Mike Kenny Oval (MKO), Greenway Park, Shepherds Lane, Cherrybrook (Top Oval)
Training is ALWAYS on, rain hail or shine, so plan to train no matter what, and bring the right gear for session.
– It is advisable to ALWAYS bring Joggers, Boots, Mouthguard, a towel and a change of clothes to all session (we WILL train in the rain)
– Gym programs are available for you to undertake at your own gym in your own time.
– For players who are not involved with Academies or Rep football, it is recommended that you try and do some form of gym work on Mondays and Wednesdays, as Field training at the club is Tuesdays and Thursdays.
– During the regular season try and have a full rest day on Friday to prepare for the Saturday match, then do some form of light exercise on Sunday as a recovery session (e.g. swim, walking or foam roller etc).

Please contact your coaches if you need more info about training, as some players may need to modify the program to meet individual needs such as work or study.


– There will be 3 trial matches prior to the regular season which will be posted on the club calendar.
– You are expected to purchase and wear a club polo shirt and hoody (or Jacket) to matches.
– You need to be at the ground no later than 1hr prior to start time (it is advisable to arrive earlier if you need attention from the physio pre game).
– Players are to meet in the middle of the ground for a team talk at half time of the proceeding match (or if there are no other matches 45 min before game time).
– The game plan will be revised 30 min before game in change rooms
– Warmup will start 20 min before the game time.
– Final team talk and drinks 3 min before the game time.
– At Quarter Time and 3 Quarter time you will break into your line groups (Backs, Midfield, Forwards) to review your game plans followed by whole group comments before returning to the field.
– At half time you will rest, then break into line groups to discuss the game plan followed by whole group comments before returning to the field.


– Fixtures will be linked from the club website to the Sydney AFL website where all matches for 2017 will be listed and updated during the season.


Step 1 – REGISTRATION (please note that there are 3 different scenarios relating to U19 registration, so please read carefully)

– If you were NOT registered with a junior club last season, and WERE registered with the Pennant Hills U19’s last season, then you can simply register online with Sydney AFL using the same login information as last year Click Here to Register

– If you WERE registered with a junior club and were on a player permit from your Junior Club to play with Pennant Hills U19s last season, but will only register with U19s this season, then you will need to complete a club transfer form PHAFL-Player-Transfer-form (3) and your fees will be at normal U19 full rates.
When you send your transfer form to us, we will submit your request to Sydney AFL, and once they have approved the transfer Sydney AFL will advise you to log in to the Sydney AFL registration system to complete the rego process.
Please note that only players who are 17 yrs old or above on the 1st January are permitted to register directly with the U19 squad. If you are under 17 yrs on 1st January then you MUST register with a Junior AFL club, and then request a player permit from Sydney AFL if you would like to play some U19’s games during the season (see below for more details)

– If you are registering with a junior club in 2017 and would like to be considered to play some matches with our U19s during the season, then you will need to complete a Junior Player Permit Form PHAFL Junior Player Permit to play U19s , and send it to us so we can submit this on your behalf to Sydney AFL. If your permit is approved by Sydney AFL, then you only need to pay a partial registration fee of $150, however you will still need to pay your full normal junior club registration fees to your junior club.

Step 2 – PAYMENT

U19 registration fees for 2017 are $400 and payment can be made via the Team App account or by direct deposit to our club bank account (please put the full player name as the reference if paying by direct deposit).
It is also recommended to sign up with Team App to access the Pennant Hills AFL Club and once approved you will be able to access the payment system and also receive communication from the club.
(As noted previously, Junior Registered permit players only pay $150, not the full $400)