Player Development History

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Players who have been listed to AFL, VFL, NEAFL TeamsIn its 45 year history, the Pennant Hills Demons AFL Club have one of the best records in the state for producing high caliber players into all levels of the game.

Pennant Hills Players who have played AFL Games (or VFL prior to the establishment of the AFL national competition).

John Ironmonger – 45 Games, Sydney Swans 1885-87. 43 Games, Fitzroy 1988,1990-91
Terry Thripp – 78 Games, Sydney Swans, 1983-92
Adam Chatfield – Carlton
Lenny Hayes – 297 Games, St Kilda, 1999-2014
Mark McVeigh – 232 Games, Essendon, 1999-2012
Jarrad McVeigh – 266 Games, Sydney Swans,2004-Current
Kieren Jack – 185 Games, Sydney Swans, 2007-Current
Jackson Ferguson – 1 Game, St Kilda,2013
Brandon Jack – 27 Games, Sydney Swans 2013-Current

Pennant Hills Players who have played AFL Reserves in the VFL Competition (after the establishment of the AFL national competition)
Barnaby Howarth – XYZ Games, Sydney Swans
Ranga Ediwickrama – XYZ Games, Geelong
Michael Johnston – XYZ Games, Hawthorn (Box Hill)

Pennant Hills Players who have played AFL Reserves in the NEAFL Competition
Jackson Potter – XYZ Games, Sydney Swans
Stephen Wray – XYZ Games, Sydney Swans
Tim Wales – XYZ Games, Sydney Swans
Nick Hey – XYZ Games, Sydney Swans
Nathan Cooper – XYZ Games, Sydney Swans
Connor Owen-Auburn – 8 Games, GWS Giants Reserves
Brandon Clark – 3 Games, GWS Giants Reserves

(Players yet to be categorised)

David Brown
Ken Couchman
Scott Reed
Josh Duncan
Aaron Duncan
Ray Hall
Peter Berbakov
David Dighton
Nick Potter
Stefan Carey
Adam Chatfield
Blake McGrath
Wes Smith
Pat Wellington
Denis Lenaghan
Lachlan Irwin
Tony Redshaw