Braeden Campbell Sydney Swans AFL Club

Braeden Campbell has matched former Pennant Hills great Jarrod McVeigh in being drafted at number 5 in the AFL 2020 draft.

Braeden is a Westbrook Juniors AFL Club player who has come through to Pennant Hills Senior AFL club as a junior feeder pathway player, playing briefly in our our under u19s team, then quickly being fast tracked into our Premier Division Mens team when his elite footballing ability was identified.

Winning our Best First Year Mens Premier Division player award in the 2020 season, Braeden is a very humble human, and a great credit to his parents and the Pennant Hills footy club, and we couldn’t be happier for him being drafted to the Sydney Swans.

Braeden follows in the footsteps of other great Pennant Hills AFL Club draftees, including Jarrod McVeigh, Mark McVeigh, Lenny Hayes, Kieren Jack, Brandon Jack, Kieren Briggs and Ely Smith.

Braeden is destined for a great football career, and we wish him every success in the coming years.