Pennant Hills is lucky enough to have invested coaches who pour their blood, sweat and tears into creating sustained success for our beloved club. We’re thrilled to officially welcome Drew Maddock (U19’s Coach) and Nigel Blow (Division 3 Coach) to this talented and seasoned group. Bring on 2019!

Left to right. Glenn Gunstone (Director of Football) Lloyd Sheppard (Premier Division Assistant) Drew Maddock (U19’s Head Coach) Trent Roddan (Mens director of Coaching) Daniel Fiedler (Women’s Division 1 Coach), Donnie Ollington (Premier Division Assistant), Todd Williams (Division 1 mens coach), Tim Wolnizer (Division 2 mens Coach) Mark Carroll (Women’s Director of Coaching) Jason Clarke (Premier Reserves Coach) Nigel Blow (Division 3 mens Coach) Chris Yard (Premier Division Coach)