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We have a great team of dedicated staff with a solid background in Graphic Design, Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Business Strategy Development to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Anyone with HTML skills can make a web page, but when it comes to building a successful website that generates real leads for your business, only a professional digital marketing agency like Image Traders can achieve successful and measurable results (and we have the data to prove it!).

Image Traders not only design the look and feel of a website, we also take into account the experience that the user is looking for, and the functionality the site requires to ensure that experience is achieved. More importantly Image Traders understands how search engines operate, and what honest techniques can be used to enhance your ranking on Search Engines such as Google.

Image Traders provide a website modernisation service to upgrade your current website with website maintenance and website upgrades to give your old website a new fresh look and feel.

Image Traders also provides a monthly maintenance program for many of our clients to ensure that their site is kept up to date, with the latest products and services to ensure that the website visitors (and search engines) will always have fresh and up to date information.

Fresh web content is one of the things that keeps your site sticky to its new and also regular users. The term sticky means that the site keeps you there, and also keeps you coming back, because the content is relevant and updated regularly so that the site users always get something new from visiting your site.