Penno AFL Newsletter – ROUND 9

June 21, 2024

ROUND 9 – Important top of table clashes

From the President

In what were more wet weather tussles there were some very pleasing results. I was gutted for the Division 2 women who deserved to win their game, taken by a dubious call by a non-controlling umpire. Reminiscent of North Melbourne V Collingwood 50 m penalty call. Well done to our division 2 women on your application and attitude, it was a pleasure to be a part of your day at Gipps Road.

Unfortunately, our Under 19.5 Division 2 team had another game called off against Manly as the ground was under water early in the morning and council wanted less games on the deck. Both clubs are working to try and get a Wednesday night fixture up to play this game.

The prems women fought a tough contest in trying conditions against Manly. What a great contest by our Premier Women against a top of the table team. Certainly, these girls and Terry have a fight to the end mentality and did not stop competing in the very trying conditions. The same battle ensued in our Premier Division Men’s game. Unfortunately, both came away just short. The lessons learnt put both teams in good stead going forward.

The day at Manly was a pleasure to be a part of. I have forwarded a letter from the club expressing such to their President. It was Manly’s past players and celebration of their 2014 premiership, so there were a lot of Manly supporters in attendance. However, a Manly legend also passed away during the week. Pennant Hills formed a “guard of honour” with Manly prior to the Premier Division Men’s game to observe a minute’s silence. This was quite humbling. The game also saw Ken Ray officiate in goals for his 1000th game, an awesome achievement. At the completion of the game, we formed another guard to cheer off Ken and Manly presented him with the match ball. In the change sheds after the father of the deceased player addressed our boys, thanking them for their respect shown and commented on what a quality club and representatives of it our boys were. “Football is played hard and fair, but at the end of the day we all belong to an AFL family were his words”, he expressed that Pennant Hills embody this and are a credit. It was a proud moment to be President of this club. Thak you to all involved.

We continue our push to finals, now entering the second half of the season. Our Physios (Carlingford Active Health) and Strength and Conditioning (Plinth to Play) providers continue to work hard to keep all players on the paddock when it matters. Thank you.

Thank you to all who contribute in whatever small way to the functioning of the club. We could not do it without you. To David Nixon, our club photographer, we wish you a speedy recovery from your broken wrist. You will note this newsletter is a bit plain, being devoid of photos. This is why. We miss you greatly mate.

Todd Williams

Match Reports:

Premier Division Men's Match Report with thanks to ARA Group
Premier Division Men Vs Manly Warringah Wolves
(PH 4.8.32 Loss to MW 8.9.57)

Another wet game for the year, this time at Weldon in a twilight game vs the 2nd place Manly. We would welcome back in Theo Moraitis, Nick Eynaud & Tom Larby.

There was a big home crowd celebrating their 2014 premiership & past players day. The first quarter both teams threw everything at each other, was a real arm wrestle in trying conditions, the 2nd quarter we dominate but we couldn’t score, our mids working hard inside with Blowy giving them first use. We would take a slander lead into the 3rd, 21 to 17. We would lose Key Midfielder Josh Boag in the start of the 3rd which changed the game for us inside with ex Swan Barry O’Connor starting to take the game over with his size and power. Manly take a 3-goal lead into the last qtr. Manly would hold on and ran away winners by 25 points in a low scoring bog, credit to their win.

Manly are clear 2nd, we remain a game clear in the top 3. Our mids were super all game, Tom Edmonds is having a cracking year and was our best player, Nick Eynaud was equally as important, in & under everything. Lachlan Willey shut down a key player keeping him to 0 goals, while generating run. Mudge, Blow, Wray, Lee, Mitchell. Moraitis were all very good, Moz kicking 2 goals in his first game back from injury.

Ben Roberts (Head Coach)
Best: Thomas Edmonds, Nicholas Eynaud, Lachlan Willey, Wilson Mudge, Mitchell Blow, Stephen Wray
Goal Kickers: T. Moraitis 2, R. Hawes 1, Ethan Hyams 1.

Premier Division Women's Match Report with thanks to Ritera Electrical Wholesale
Premier Division Women V’s Manly Warringah Wolves
(PH 1.1.7 Loss to MW 6.9.45)

As the saying goes when it rains, it can pour. Well late Friday evening we were presented with a tidal wave, with one of our best in Armelia Bennett who had found out that she had played for the last 7 weeks with a stress fracture in her feet. Incredible actions Millie just incredible.

So late Friday evening we went to our junior base and sought out Addison Hickey who was next in line to come up and experience premier division football for the first time. Addison didn't disappoint she played like a player who had never not been out of premier division football. Congratulations Addison in taking your first step into senior football.

We went into the game with our youngest team to date. The ground was heavy, and it was raining the opposition had a list that contained no underage players and looked strong. We had just as many inside 50's than the opposition but they used the wet ball extremely well taking a 3-goal lead into the 2nd qtr. They had already kicked 50% of their goals for the game in the first qtr. The 2nd qtr the girls had turned around the game and were starting to use the opposite of the ground and where we could open up space for ourselves and held the opposition goalless for the qtr. A great result.

3rd qtr. We kicked our first goal, and it was on the back of players upfield understanding why we want to use the ball our way.  The opposition could only manage a single goal for the qtr.

The last qtr was played in terrible conditions and they had received 2 free kicks in front of goal.

We kept on trying to break through and the scoreboard didn't show the true value of the way we played. Congratulations and good effort against a team that should be there in the final week of the season.


Sheridan Baker who played her heart out in the back half, please stick at it your improvement is 2nd to none.

Amy Court - when l reviewed the game your skills and willingness to win the ball was extremely pleasing. Well Done and enjoy your break

Mikeala Quinn & Mia Hartley - you both performed very well as for the first time this season l can genuinely say we broke even in the ruck. Well done again girls and thank you


Kaitlin Noble - just keep on getting better and better you can play any role you ball winning ability and skills are tremendous. Great leadership role yet again

Haley Lowe - what a terrific game, you took over head marks was willing to be under the packs trying to get the ball out to us.  Well done and thank you

Charlette Curren - Your second game of prems football and you didn't disappoint. We set you a task on possibly the best player in the competition after Qrt time and not only did you keep her quite but you had 12 or so effect disposals. Keep up the great work.

Kaitlin Quinn - Super game and being under consistent pressure never faulted under that pressure. Congratulations

Elly Rudd - Another game where as it wore on you kept on getting better and better. You would have had 30 kicks if you weren't slung off the ball a dozen times. Please stick at it.

Natalie Pajor - For the 3rd week in a row you were outstanding your ability to get the ball is better than most in the comp. Your willingness to keep working over 4 qtrs is something others should be aiming to do also. Great game.

Terry Mudge (Head Coach)
Best: Kaitlin Noble, Hayley Lowe, Elly Rudd, Charlotte Curran, Natalie Pajor, Cassidy McArthur.
Goal Kickers: J. Smith 1

Under 19.5 Division 1 Men's Match Report with thanks to Tyrepower Dural
Under 19.5’s Division 1 v Manly Warringah Wolves
(PH 3.5.23 Loss to Manly 6.6.42)

Today was not our best day.  The conditions were again below average with Weldon Oval in a poor state after heavy rains, and on and off rainfall throughout today’s game.  The ground was struggling to cope and made conditions similar to the week prior.  This was going to be another ground ball battle.  We had some players returning and our line-up was strong with Muz, Dylan, Mitch, Cam Este, Liam, Ben returning to the team this week.  Manly were one game behind us on the ladder and we looked to have a strong line up.  But as we know the difficult conditions can be a leveller.

Qtr one was an even contest but low scoring with Manly kicking one goal for the quarter and us kicking 1 point.  Cam at HB and Lachy were strong early, stopping their forward moves.  But opportunities up forward were difficult to come by.  We needed players front and square at the contest and we were not linking well to our teammates going forward.

Q2 was more of the same with blasting kicks and not finding anyone in particular.  We put our physically strongest players around the ball and stoppages, and we successfully contained their moves forward, but equally they were doing the same to us.  In the third Qtr we made a shift – Murder up forward and Jack D in the ruck with immediate impact and Murder scoring our first goal.  It was a battle all day and physically both teams were even.  We gave away 2 x undisciplined 50m penalties in the game that really had impact on a wet day.  We found it difficult to move the ball from stoppage with us trying to bustle forward and take on tackles rather than cleanly and selflessly giving the ball to the first free man.  We did drive the ball deep when we could, but it was difficult for our forwards.  Our best qtr was the third and we had momentum and were doing well.  But to Manlys credit they contained us enough and kicked a few goals from easy spots by finding loose players when we couldn’t.  We had players who were working hard but we were ineffective as a group working forward.  At times we tried to kick goals from too far out and were predictable to our opposition.

Manly took the chocolates today and were the better team.  We have to learn from this about how to do things a little differently.  We can’t win football games with 3 goals for the match.

  • Be courageous to take on the game and drive forward.
  • Give the ball to the first opportunity rather than trying to break tackles.
  • Run off your line and don’t be predictable.
  • No kicking around our bodies in general play.
  • Sharper ball handling skills in the wet.

Best players –

Luka – great game at CHB, Dylan – grunt work at ground level in every contest, Ryan Lauff – the general at FB letting nothing get behind him, Cam Este – great at HBF never being beaten, Nathan – wing and HF doing a lot of hard work chasing tackles back and forth, Lachy Pauly – clean skills with the ball around stoppages.

Justin Kerley (Coach)
Best: Luka Jordaan, Dylan Bonham, Ryan Lauff, Cameron Este, Nathan Cranwell, Lachlan Pauly
Goal Kickers: A. Murdoch 2, M. Zywietz 1.

Division 1 Men's Match Report with thanks to Pennant Hills Toyota
Division 1 Men V’s Parramatta Goannas
(PH 8.5.53 Defeated PG 3.9.27)

Out to Gipps Road Saturday afternoon to take on the Parramatta Goannas. The rain had stopped but the ground was wet but that didn’t stop our intent. The first quarter the guys fired away kicking 4 unanswered goals and putting breathing space between us and them. Parra didn’t stay quiet for long and came at us in the second quarter. They moved quickly from our turn overs making us pay for our mistakes. Not a team to be taken lightly and not easily put away either, they kept the pressure on. Our back line stood strong led by Elliot and Riv who through some great ball movements were able to cleanly move the footy to our half forward line.

We went in at halftime knowing we had a fight on our hands and came out ready to fire. Parra kept the pressure on but with bulls in Lucas and Everett who fought for every inch we kept them goalless and answered with 2 of our own. The fourth quarter was much of an arm wrestle with both teams fighting hard, but we ran out victors in the end. The win keeps us in third spot moving into a bye weekend allowing rest and recovery.

Warren Atwell (Coach)
Best: Zac Elliott, Michael Weathers, Daniel Poletto, Matthew Hall, Jack Nicholls, Brandon Buyink
Goal Kickers: S. Zikman 2, D. Poletto 2, M. Carey 1, M. Weathers 1, J. Nicholls 1, T. Pellizzon 1

Division 2 Women’s Match Report
Women’s Division 2 v Parramatta Goannas
(PH 2.3.15 Loss to PG 3.3.21)

On a wet Gibbs Road track, we had high hopes for a big performance off the back of good improvements over the past month. Big call out to Louise who had her first game back after a long injury period. We did have some initial setbacks as we unfortunately lost our 2 rucks. Jazz to the flu and Brownie to a broken finger on Thursday night. We were able to get replace with Chloe and Georgia who filled in late despite being sick and having not slept.  Super effort. Joey and Haylee stepped into the Ruck battle and both did an amazing job, such that a potential disadvantage turned into an advantage. In the first quarter our Mids of Sally, Kat and Chloe were getting lots of the ball, and Ellie D’s first ten minutes were amazing. The rest of our backs were as solid as usual.  It was an even tussle until the Goannas got the first goal after a suspect high call.

Our second quarter was super with our Mids dominating.  The ball was in our half for 80% of the quarter and our forwards of Sammy, Kelly and Sarah started to get opportunities.  A strong long kick from Haylee out of a contest resulted in a goal and saw us level the score.  We continued to dominate but could only get points out of a number of attempts, with some saved on the goal line.

The third saw us continue to push forward and when Kellie kicked true, we were well in front. However, the Goannas increased their intensity and we found ourselves battling in the wet conditions. Bec A was a standout in the backs, as was Zoe on the ball as she continually won hard contested ball with resulting quick kicks forward. Unfortunately, the Goannas were able to score a goal to tighten things up and we went into three quarter time with a one point lead.

The last quarter was an arm wrestle, but we were not able to get the territory we wanted. In the wet this led to pressure on the backs, however Bec and Sophie continually intercepted the Goannas forward thrusts.  I won’t say much, but a strange call from 80 meters away saw the Goannas get a fifty-metre penalty that put their player in the goal square with a resulting goal. This turned out to be the difference on the day.

A supper effort from the team as we continue to improve. Our Backs were strong again, our Mids dominated the play for a lot of the game and our Forwards gelled and found ways to score. Congratulations Joey for taking on a new challenge and helping the team so much.

Well Done All.

Mark Carroll (Coach)
Best: Zoe Samios, Josephine Smith, Chloe Creusot, Katherine O'Hara, Rebecca Apap, Ellie Davis
Goal Kickers: K. Cauwood 1, H. Cole 1.

Division 3 Men's Match Report with thanks to Eylex Pty Ltd
Men's Division 3 vs Parramatta Goannas
(PH 6.8.44 Defeated PG 2.5.17)

Round 9 saw a 4:15pm start against Holroyd Paramatta in an away fixture at Goanna Park, 2nd v 4th on the ladder.

The preceding days rain saw the prospect of a heavy track however a large portion of the deck held up quite well.

The conditions made for a tightly contested game however we were able to get the jump on the opposition thanks to 2 first quarter goals to Jono Ortiz whilst our back line was able to repel many an opposition forward entry which enabled us to hold a 3-goal lead at half time. The premiership quarter was a dire affair played mainly between the 50m arcs that saw us outscore the opposition 0.2 to 0.1. We were able to hold a comfortable lead throughout running out comfortable winners - final score was 6.8.44 to 2.5.17.

Better players were Brayden Rohr down back, Tino Manfre up forward with his pressure work and repeat efforts, Luc White who didn’t lose a contest down back and was a big factor in the keeping the opposition to 2 goals, Jy Durkin with his relentless attack on the footy and whose commitment to the team and bravery cannot be questioned after he forfeited 1 whole hour of his best mates farewell to play footy with us, Jai Douglas on a wing who played his best game for the year and is getting better by the week whilst Regan Pinker was a standout with his cleanliness and silky skills evident for all to see.

Good result in sloppy conditions with 22 contributors.

Seb Parker (Coach)
Best: Regan Pinker, Jai Douglass, Jye Durkin, Luc White, Tino Manfre, Brayden Rohr
Goal Kickers: J. Ortiz 2, T. Manfre 1, A. Brawn 1, R. Kelleher 1, M. Varnam 1.

Under 19.5’s Division 2 Match Report


Division 5 Men's Match Report with thanks to Conveyancing at Pittwater
Men’s Division 5 v North Shore Bombers
(PH 6.9.45 Defeated North Shore 6.0.36)

Playing North Shore is always a challenge we have to lift for. We respect their organisation and know we will have to beat them more than once one the day if we were to come out as victors.

Our themes for the day were pressure and more pressure. Our pre-game analysis told us North Shore are a very accurate side, so creating pressure around stoppages and reducing their entry into the attacking 50 was key.

In this regard, our opponents were true to form by kicking 6 goals straight for the match - no behinds. Pretty impressive, but on this occasion, it wasn’t quite enough to overcome the Penno players sheer determination and will to win.

Sam Macauley won most taps in the ruck by some margin, and was ably supported by rovers Elsley, Boxy and Luke Richards. Cal Toohey also nullified their mids and brought really pace and aggression to our rebound play, so our confidence was high even as we entered the 2nd half just one point in front. Our Achilles heel was again our own inaccuracy in front of goal by kicking 2.5 to half time. Could we stretch the lead in Q3 was the question from the coaches, and the boys responded.

Luke Bray, playing his 50th for the club was electric in that 3rd quarter. Running onto a long bomb, Luke split the defence, took a bounce, extended his lead to goal and kicked a memorable goal in front of his ever-present parents and supporters - what a great sight. Oskar Raue graced us with 3 straight goals, lifting his accuracy to a season-high of around 35%, and Cal Toohey also kicked his first for the club. The long-awaited return to footy of Mikey Fiedler was a ray of sunshine for us, dominating his wing and grabbing a nice goal to seal his day.

Nathan Cowell is growing in stature as a rugged defender who is incredibly reliable and strong without the footy in hand. His work rate for his teammates is something we’d love to replicate across all players and is a real inspiration from this 1st year player at Penno.

The highlight of the game must be father and son, Greg and Flynn Hume playing together for the first time. Greg is a club stalwart with 87 games and over 110 goals, and Flynn is developing into the same fearsome player as his dad. This club is wonderful in encouraging this kind of opportunity for father/son players to play together, and something this coach believes should be focussed on more as we grow. Families like the Hume’s are what this place is all about and should be celebrated especially as we approach the Past Players function at MKO in a couple of weeks’ time.

For now though, our eyes are firmly fixed on the next round away to Macquarie Uni and applying more pressure on the 5 clubs above us.

I will see you in the next one.

Nigel Blow (Coach)
Best: Julian Luciano, Joshua Mott, Michael Fiedler, Adam Wagner, Matthew Miles, Luke Bray
Goal Kickers: O. Raue 3, C. Toohey 1, L. Bray 1, M. Fiedler 1.

What’s on This week

Past Players and Officials Day: Saturday 29th June
Great Day to relive past memories with old team mates and enjoy high quality football versus North Shore at home.

Breast Cancer Awareness Round: Saturday 13th July
A cause very close to us all. Come along and enjoy the events of the day, buy a champagne table in the club rooms, help us raise money for this worthy cause through quality raffles and auctions. Our premier Men and Women will play in the Breast Cancer Awareness jumper on the day.

Masters WAGS Day: Saturday 13th July
Masters Wags annual day, enjoy some champagne and finger food whilst supporting our legends.

PHAFL Breast Cancer Awareness