After a bit of an absence of results, we are back with 3 rounds worth of results. If you’ve purchased a group, have a look below to see if you were lucky to bring home some cash.


Round 5

Premier Division – SeniorsMitchell BlowTerry Donohoe$                   80.00
Premier Division – ReservesNathan MaceHarry Rivers$                   60.00
Under 19 Division 1Jonathan MoranBrendon Gregor$                   40.00
Women’s Division 1Alexandria WadeGDP Syndicate$                   40.00
Division 1Thomas AbbottBrendon GregorDrinks Voucher
Division 2Stephen VeitchDominic MoraitisDrinks Voucher
Division 3Nicholas DonohoeLinda DonohoeDrinks Voucher
Women’s Division 2Capri VidlerKieran WrightDrinks Voucher
Women’s Division 3BYE Drinks Voucher


Round 6

Premier Division – SeniorsHarry McGuireMC Syndicate$                   80.00
Premier Division – ReservesLuke TurnerKieran Wright$                   60.00
Under 19 Division 1Oliver BrownTom Angel$                   40.00
Women’s Division 1Charlotte OwenMC Syndicate$                   40.00
Division 1Stewart HodgesDom MoraitisDrinks Voucher
Division 2Jaco MoulderTheo MoraitisDrinks Voucher
Division 3Forfeit  
Women’s Division 2Reegan SaianiMatt ThomasDrinks Voucher
Women’s Division 3Rebecca GurkaMelissa AdamsDrinks Voucher


Round 7

Premier Division – SeniorsLuke SkrivanicGDP Syndicate$                   80.00
Premier Division – ReservesDamien Dell’AquillaCam Luscombe$                   60.00
Under 19 Division 1Oliver BrownTom Angel$                   40.00
Women’s Division 1Alex WadeGDP Syndicate$                   40.00
Division 1Jordan Le LaySRKF SyndicateDrinks Voucher
Division 2Matt AriculiDianne GunstoneDrinks Voucher
Division 3Seamus LinehanDom MoraitisDrinks Voucher
Women’s Division 2Amie MaguireGDP SyndicateDrinks Voucher
Women’s Division 3Alana MartinSRKF SyndicateDrinks Voucher