Fellow Demons,
Here is an opportunity for a Penno Demon player with an interest in a potential future career as a Talent Manager or Agent to work with former Penno “legend” Barnaby Howarth. This opportunity offers an immediate start until early 2023 – so read on to learn more details and how to apply.

It is a long backstory, but let me tell you the short version…..I had a stroke when I was 25 and started a small business as a keynote speaker on resilience – talking about having pride in “Focusing on the game plan and having faith the result will take care of itself”. I also cover how the strength anybody needs to get through challenges in their life will come from the accumulation of all of the small goodness you receive from and put back into the world over your entire life.

Working 4 days a week as an autocue operator at ABC news, my speaking has given me a nice little added income stream (I have given speeches in San Diego, Calgary, Auckland, Dubai, on cruise ships, and even at Mike Kenny Oval in Cherrybrook!), but as the world gets more and more ruthlessly competitive by the day, being reminded to just try your hardest and be proud of yourself is increasingly important, and my bookings are getting too much for me to handle on my own any more.

One of my next speeches I will be talking on North Sydney Oval for international men’s day with my presentation being played on the scoreboard (a speech that was booked by Nick Baglin – who I coached at Penno in under 18’s!), and I was told recently by the Sydney Swans that I am in the mix to speak to the playing group during preseason.

This is a ready-made product, and all promotional material already exists – I just need help to contact potential clients and book speeches on my behalf. I would be happy to speak to somebody who just thinks they might go okay at it and would like to give it a crack!
I anticipate this would require less than one day per week, and my goal is for this person to book 2 full paying gigs before the end of the year, then provided it is a mutually beneficial fit, we will discuss a commission payment basis in 2023.

Please contact me on M 0404 851 203 or barnaby@barnabyhowarth.com.au to express your interest in the exciting opportunity.
Thanks very much, and go Dees.

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