enl_the_worldTime to double check health insurance, dust of the boots / runners, find that jock strap for those who played in the 70’s, file down the mouthguard or just take out the teeth on the day, and most importantly, leave the ego behind and be there for a fun and possibly embarrassing day as we experience the frustration of knowing where to be on the ground but not having the frame and energy to get you there. As you can see from the attachment, I have been training up a storm and drinking from the fountain of youth, Coopers Clear Ale, and plan to have a few of these next Thursday night at our kick to kick training session.. For those keen to have a friendly kick, we will do so at Greenway starting 7pm for 30 mins before Ab’s bar opens at 7.30pm and we enjoy pasta and beer night at the clubrooms. It would be great if we could all get down, meet the team and have a quiet ale together before the big event. We kick off on Saturday at 2.30pm so plan to get to the game by 1.30 pm or earlier to watch some of the div 1 boys strut their stuff. Jumpers will be provided by the club, so just bring shorts that fit, socks, runners/ boots and plenty of deep heat. After the premier league game against Wests, we will be heading to West Pennant Hills Sports club to watch the video replay of the game on the big screen (a good reminder why this event will only be an annual one). Confirmed Starters and form guide. Bob Wray – mean, lean and raring to go. Robert Coaldrake – Big bad Bob is how he is best described Simon Woodhouse – on debut, but don’t let him rub you up the wrong way Brendan Gregor – Leigh Matthews thighs, Dane Swan skills, astute footy knowledge disguised by his support for Collingwood. Young Gregor – unseen and straight off the rookie list. David Pinker – WA recruit, (so everyone talk slowly) big leap if hammies don’t snap. Allen Abbott – Country boy who makes sheep nervous. Beware the shirtfront….its gonna hurt. Benjamin Lamb – WA recruit, the better brother in the family (although Dwayne played a bit). Looking to keep Abbott in front all day. (think about it) Steven Flynn – Victorian thoroughbred, very astute and a big watch for the Penno Old Boys Tom Woodrow – Another tall, good in the air ( you’d hope so given Tom’s a pilot) Stephen Vile – Rushed in after eye operation Tuesday. Can see again and this will help his game enormously.. Jacques Rene – on debut, looks to have electrifying pace ( this will stand out on the day) Matt Smith – still running around the park so expected to carry a very heavy load. Wade Campbell – part of the youth policy and big engine. Paul Vink – We Vink he will run all day. Gary Jack – need I say anything? Expect a bone crunching performance Peter Carter – the inside mail says good all-rounder (flown in from India for the game) Peter Campbell – highly skilled, Big heart…..chest, gut, legs and fingers. Dangerous around goals and BBQ’s Steve Urwin- Expect a bag of goals if delivered the footy well ( we just need to get it down our end) Paul Crisfield – still warming up to the idea, but expect to be “white hot” ready to shine by Saturday. Sam Dell’Aquila – Rugby league star looking to unleash on the game he wished he played. Owen Baglin- frothing at the mouth…skilful and tough. Wayne Keating – Tassie recruit (no jokes boys, I reckon Keats suffers white line fever) good under the packs. Darren Green – WA midfielder expected to play a big role. Geoff Dunne – on debut and keen on getting the job ‘dunne’. Glenn Gunstone – Captain Coach planning to spend as much time as possible on the pine. Still plenty of room for more as we want a long bench, so if you haven’t confirmed yet, please do so and feel free to keep the recruitment drive active. If I have left anyone out, it’s not a strategic game plan tactic, it’s just my poor organisational skills, so just let me know. I think that’s all for now, but please give me a call or email if any questions. Sleep well, look after yourselves and see you Thursday night. Caaaarrrrrrnnn the World. ———————————————————————– News Flash Boys. Benjamin Lamb – WA recruit, the better brother in the family (although Dwayne played a bit). Looking to keep Abbott in front all day. (think about it). Late withdrawal due to work commitment. Late inclusions. Nigel Blow – Nickname Job…allegedly a tagger. Ray Witt – Glad he is on our side, he reckons his sons are soft. 6 sleeps to go! ———————————————————————–