2014 Old Boys World Team 2014 Old Boys Penno Team

A game fought with heart and courage (and at least 50 men on the field at any given moment), the ‘Old Penno vs. The World’ match was a (some-what) fast paced battle for ultimate bragging rights. After an impressive turn out on Thursday night for training, pasta and a couple of beers, the boys, who were well fitted out, fought triumphantly on Saturday afternoon – sending sales for both the bar and the physio through the roof!

Ron Barassi made a special appearance as the ‘Old Penno’ coach – only to be yellow carded in the second half for running onto the field. Who do you think you are Barass, Paul Roos?! And a hard-fighting Glenn Gunstone showed more promise than the current St Kilda list.

Proving that AFL is a sport played only by true athletes, the game had it all – high marks, long kicks, snaps for goal, blokes selling the candy, umpire abuse, a turtle on his back – the game bought everyone to their knees (just ask Cambo?!)

Looking forward to another sell-out crowd next year!