Following a very successfully season launch and players auction the 2014 Player Auction will continue online for 1 week. The bids from the season launch are in the table below so if you want to “outbid” someone you need to; 1. Confirm your player group and bid price 2. Email your bid to phillip.hare67@gmail.com 3. Your bid will be updated The online bidding will finish at 2.00pm March 30, the commencement of the Round 1 Premier Division match. P.S. Remember – 75% of all bids will go back as prises. Prices will be distributed regularly through the year on “Club Thursdays” and Home Games. Group Seniors Seniors Under 19s (Bidder) Amount 1 Aaron Crisfield Lachlan Kerr Campbell Luscombe (Peter Campbell) $200.00 2 Adam Nixon Adam Dallas Brett Thompson (Kieran Wright) $60.00 3 Alex Goodall Rielly Miedler Nathan Mace Brant Jack) $300.00 4 Ben Urwin Nathan Breen Josh Dipple (Steve Urwin) $150.00 5 David Smith Ben Miles Dan Preen (Kieran Wright) $160.00 6 Brant Jack Anthony Brawn Regan Pinker (Wayne Keating) $350.00 7 Cameron Smith Lachlan Vile Jordan Rene (Amy Farrington) $280.00 8 James Dunn Dan Fiedler Jack Angel (Peter Campbell) $100.00 9 Damian Dell’Aquila Nick DeGorter Kieron Coaldrake (Sam Dell’Aquila) $350.00 10 Dan Witt James Fulton Brad Watson (Phil Scarlett) $170.00 11 Pete Barnes Chris Baglin Jesse Hare (Wayne Keating) $400.00 12 Harry Angel Adam Smith Liam Williams (Kieran Wright) $160.00 13 Kieren Wright Tom Abbott Brad Keough (Phil Moratis) $300.00 14 Matt Thomas Tom Macken Will Keough (Dave Pinker) $300.00 15 Lloyd Shepherd Nick Baglin Theo Moraitis (Phil Moratis) $800.00 16 Matthew Carey Fraser Nixon Nathan Cooper (Wayne Keating) $450.00 17 Robbie Watts Jake Gunstone Nick Hey (Teddy Widmer) $150.00 18 Ranga Ediriwickrama Matthew Carter Brayden Tos (Brant Jack) $600.00 19 Sebastian Parker Cody Stucker Hayden Reedy (Phil Scarlett) $160.00 20 Stephen Wray Evan Danillo Lukas deVries (Bob Wray) $300.00 21 Sam Zikman Dan Keating Mitchel deVries (Wayne Keating) $350.00 22 Tim Wales Pat Witt Stewart Hodges (Ray Witt) $500.00 23 Ted Widmer Jason Clarke Jayden Roots (Maria Campbell) $275.00 24 Thomas Edmonds Glen Watts Mitch Trenamen (Phil Moratis) $175.00 25 Tim Scoular Alex Huggins Harry Rivers (Dave Pinker) $450.00 26 Sam Widmer Ben Hooper Liam Townsend (Peter Campbell) $200.00 27 Any Other Player A – K Any Other Player A – K Any Other Player A – K (Greg Barnes) $300.00 28 Any Other Player L-Z Any Other Player L-Z Any Other Player L – Z (Michael Cousens) $400.00