Demons Dig – March


Player Profile 

This month in ‘player profile’ we are sitting down with Craig Maynard. Craigy only joined our club a few years ago and has already become a big presence on and off the ground. Lets check him out!

Name: Craig Maynard

Occupation: Carpenter

When did you join the club? 2015

You came across from soccer, what do you see as the big difference between playing footy and soccer? The physical side of footy was probably the biggest difference I found and also having to learn how to kick all over again.

How does Penno fair against your old soccer club? The footy club has been great to me since I’ve joined. The people at this club are what really makes it what it is and that’s really hard to beat.

What has been your best moment whilst being at the club? It has to be at the first grade grand final last year when the crowd gathered behind the posts and helped bring the boys home. You don’t see things like that very often!

What has been your worst moment whilst being at the club? Fracturing my eye socket at training just before Yardy was about to call me up for my first grade debut.

What is your most memorable off field moment involving the club or another player? It has to be after the grand final win lock in when we went back to Timmy Wales apartment. Philbert had been partying hard all night but couldn’t handle it, claimed the schloft as his own and passed out under a pile of the schlofts furniture. Rumour has it Tim and Maddy have welcomed him into the family and he now lives up there.

You leave your keys in the change rooms at Thursday night training. You come back to grab them and see that your keys are gone and your car has been stolen…. Give us an explanation for what’s happened? It would have to be Leppa, he’d rack up a bunch of speeding tickets and then fire bomb it for cutting his grass at the sneans party.



This photo emerged earlier in the week of Tim Wales and Harry Angel getting cosy back in 2013. Harry looks pretty chuffed!


Christina Yard? Does Yardy have a long lost twin sister? This photo would suggest YES.

With a few weeks off a couple of our first grade players did some traveling.


Here’s Cam Smith and Matt Thomas getting weird in Vietnam. Sweet wigs.


Check out this cheese platter! Gil Angel sorted this beauty out for all of the lovely ladies sitting in the marquee on Ladies Day. Yum!


Lachy Urwin was snapped in his TV debut rocking this ‘sweet’ PowerAde cap.

Social Radar (Upcoming Events)

KB Hotel Night (Saturday June 4th)

Demons Space Disco (Saturday July 9th)

Back to the Ern (Saturday July 30th)


Best of the Fines

Unfortunately there will be no ‘best of the fines’ segment in this addition of Demons Dig as Daniel Preen, who was in charge of fines one week, decided to miss a month of Thursday night sessions resulting in ZERO fines being told. Many suggest this was maybe a good thing, as his fines would have reeked anyway. They will be back next addition.


Gossip Column

  • Ladies day success. Despite cold rainy conditions our annual Ladies Day was a huge success. Gil Angel provided the goods in organising a luxurious marquee fitted out with Ladies Day t-shirts, show bags and plenty of give-a-ways. Thanks also to Belle Pagano who helped out with the food, we can see why Matt Thomas has put on a few since dating you, as your food is oh so gooood! Thanks for coming down to all you ladies.
  • Milestone Magic! Pete Barnes celebrated his 150th game last weekend, a fantastic achievement. We couldn’t be more proud of Petey as he is a fantastic clubman who is always down at Thursday night training (drinking beers). Truly though, well done Pete on a well-deserved milestone. Furthermore, KW, Keiren Wright, this weekend celebrates his 200th game, another massive milestone. Kiz is quite the footballer, with a few flags and a Phelan bolstering his bedroom shelves. Good on you mate; we are stoked to have you around.
  • Shep Back. Lloyd Shepherd is back in the country and ready to punch some inside fifties away (or the heads of opposing full forwards, whichever comes first). Shep is a lockdown king who thrives on shutting down forwards. He has been overseas with his girlfriend for the year in London but is back in Oz and ready to make an impact. I can’t wait to see Shep and D-Slop (Dan Witt) do some damage in the back 50.
  • Brad ‘The Bachelor’ Keough. Brad Keough is calling himself the Penno Bachelor after a string of best off ground performances over the last few weeks. Of course these details can’t be confirmed but Brad is adamant it has actually happened and is sure he will be appearing on the next instalment of channel 9’s ‘The Bachelor’.
  • Harry Angel the next Swans sports scientist? Harry has locked down a Sports Science internship in Mosman and is making a run at being the next Sydney Swans sports scientist. Is this a possible Stephen Dank round 2? Watch this space.

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