Back to the ERN

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A ground that has Ernt a place in our history!Come and join the Pennant Hills Demons Community when we celebrate one of our great traditions, 'Back to the Ern' round.

Once a year, the Pennant Hills Demons community honour its heritage by playing a round at the sentimental Ern Holmes Reserve(Back to the Ern). For decades Ern Holmes reserve was home to the Pennant Hills Demons with many great memories having been forged. Typically, Past players, families and friends come down and show their support on this exciting day where all grades collectively deliver a blockbuster event.

The ground is characterised as being long and very narrow with the view of the action being perfect for the crows. The ‘Ern’ has became a fortress for the Demons as opposing sides often find it difficult to attack as they navigate the elongated ground.

The day is sure to be packed with fun and excitement with all grades playing host to their respective opponents. Plenty of stories will be shared on a day where we pay tribute to a special place in our hearts, so come along and join in the fun!