Dust em off, polish em up and get ready to take a step back in time to the wondrous years when we thought about nothing else but playing footy on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the ‘Penno Past Players’ versus ‘The World 22+’ legends game and it all happens at 2:30pm this Saturday June 28th at the infamous Mike Kenny Oval in Cherrybrook. The game will comprise of two 20 minute halves between the reserve and first grade games as per the table below Grade Sydney AFL Division Start Finish Reserves Div 1 12:30pm to 2:30pm Legends Div 20 2:30pm to 3:30pm First Grade Premier 3:30pm to 5:30pm All we ask is that you be at the ground around 1:15pm for pre match briefing and warm up. If you happen to have a pair of demons socks and shorts (blue and/or white) that would be a bonus but don’t fret too much if you don’t. Any garb will do! Jumpers will be provided. After the game we can sit back and watch our premier league team take on Western Suburbs followed by a trip to the West Pennant Hills Sports club to watch the video replay of our game on the big screen…..and yes….it will be a really big screen to accommodate our greater girth comparative to yester year! To help with the preparations, we’re offering the opportunity to join in on a ‘one off’ training session this Thursday night the 26th of June at 7pm, again at Mike Kenny Oval. We’ll conduct a 45 minute session (can’t be any longer in risk of pulling up sore come Saturday) followed by pasta and drinks with the rest of the Penno senior list from 8pm. The names that I have to date are as follows Confirmed (Alphabetical Order) 1 Andrew Clarke 2 Barnaby Howarth 3 Ben Scott 4 Blair Hatherley 5 Craig Telfer 6 Dean Lestal 7 David Dighton 8 Grant Broderick 9 James Wilson 10 Jason Lyall 11 John Rakic 12 Justin Kerley 13 Marty Dulke 14 Michael Cousens 15 Mick White 16 Mitch Aitken 17 Nathan Ryan 18 Nathan Varnish 19 Phil Moraitis 20 Sam Dunnell 21 Terry O’Donahue 22 Tim Hall 23 Tim Young 24 Trevor Clisby 25 Warrick Jackson Maybes??? 26 Aaron Carlini 27 Adrian Apostolatos 28 Chris Hilliard 29 Danny Ryan 30 Paul Browne 31 Tristan Smith If I’ve missed anyone please let me know ASAP. I’II send a final communication this Friday with likely line ups and player profiles Cheers boys and get excited!!! Coach Cuz P.S. Be assured that I’ve informed the manufactures of ‘Voltarin Rapid’ to assume a spike in sales this weekend within and adjacent to the Hills District in Sydney