The Player Auction results for Round 1 have been revealed. If you were one of the lucky ones and purchased a group for 2019, check the list below to see if your player/players picked up a prize. Somehow, Theo Moraitis managed to have 4 best players, a phenomenal effort!


Team Player Winner Prize
Premier Division Jackson Preedy Stephanie Tate $80.00
Premier Division Reserves Maine Vidler Matthew Thomas $ 60.00
Under 19 Division 1 Darcy Carnahan Trent Roddan $40.00
Women’s Division 1 Eleanor Rugg Trent Roddan $40.00
Division 1 Charles Allison Theo Moraitis Drinks Voucher
Division 2 Mitchell de Vries Theo Moraitis Drinks Voucher
Division 3 Jack Thorncraft Theo Moraitis Drinks Voucher
Women’s Division 2 Kelsey Hutton Owen Baglin Drinks Voucher
Women’s Division 3 Gabrielle Chan Theo Moraitis Drinks Voucher