All players,

A great way to help your club is to get your employer to sponsor you. For $1,000 they will pay your registration fee and donate $500 to the club to aid us in providing our programs for Season 2023. 

Your employee will be provided with a copy of the weekly club newsletter, which will include their logo and company promotion (please ask them to provide if they would like something specific) and will be included in the newsletter throughout the season with a player highlight on yourself.

With over 400 players, plus partners, families and supporters, Pennant Hills is one of the largest football clubs in Australia and will provide their business with access to a large network of possible customers stretching from the Hills District to Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Pennant Hills AFC Inc. would invoice the employer for the amount as a donation to the football club, they will therefore receive a tax benefit. 

Payment can be made at Athlete Tracker by clicking here,  and for more information email

Player Sponsorship Overview:

  • Player’s registration fee is covered for the season, with the remaining money donated to the club to aid in provision of Season 2023 programs  
  • Promotion at club events
  • Copy of the weekly newsletter, with inclusion of the company logo 
  • A highlight of sponsored player in the weekly newsletter