Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ben Miles 150 Games – A Magic Milestone

This weekend we celebrate Ben “Magic” Miles 150th open-age club game with the Pennant Hills Demons. Ben is the middle son of former Demons premiership player, Rod Miles, who played with the Club during the 1970s and ‘80s. Rod held the record for most games played at the Club for many years until 2003 and his tally of 233 still ranks him in the top five. Rod was inducted into the Sydney AFL Hall of Fame in 2005.

From Football Prodigy to Club Legend – Anthony Brawn Joins the Demons 300 Club

This weekend we celebrate Anthony Brawn’s 300th open-age club game with the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club. In Saturday’s Round 18 Reserve Grade match against competition front-runner Balmain Tigers, Brawny will become the Club’s third member of the Demons 300 Club … a stunning testament to his passion for Australian Rules Football, his physical resilience, longevity and his unflinching devotion to the Pennant Hills Demons.