Penno AFL Newsletter – ROUND 1 Wet Weather Catchups

June 19, 2024

PHAFL Sydney AFL Penno Newsletter Round 1 Wet Weather Catchups

ROUND 1 – Wet Weather Catchups

From the President

The Kings Birthday long weekend is our first chance to catch up on the Round 1 lost games due to wet weather in the higher grades, whilst the lower grades had a bye. This would see our Premier Division Men play under lights on the Friday night. It was great to see such a good turnout for this game. Being 3rd V’s 4th,  we and Sydney University both wanted to take the win and enjoy a 1 game buffer in 3rd position.

The Premier Division women played a high-quality game on the Saturday against Sydney University. The under 19 Division 1 had a 2 versus 3 on the ladder clash whilst our men’s division 1 was a 3 versus 4 clash, both against Sydney University.

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Toyota Good For Footy Raffle

Being a long weekend there were many away enjoying the break with family. Our coaches did very well to put competitive teams on the field. I thank those of the committee who aided in the running of the Friday night and Saturday games with a limited canteen. We managed to run what was a successful day for the club at the grounds.

Division 2 Women, Division 3 and 5 men, Under 19.5 Division 2 and Masters all had byes

In the coming weeks the club will be busy in our preparations for teams in season 2025 with a development program targeted at our older age Junior feeder clubs. The intent is to provide a positive experience bridging the gap from junior to senior football. This will enhance retention of junior player to senior football. We thank The Epping Club for their generous support of this program. We will also be releasing our mid-season review for feedback, please if you receive this google form link, take the time to give us your feedback. It helps us to improve our offering to our members. We will also be scheduling some further leadership development.

The AFL will be using our clubrooms to run workshops on inclusion and diversity in June and July. These workshops will involve us and our four feeder junior clubs. We hope to all come away with united plans on enhancing the participation of our community in AFL football.

The good for footy raffle has been launched. As the clubs major fund raiser for the season we really appreciate you clicking on the QR code (above) and purchasing tickets. Team members will also have bar codes to take to their friends and workplaces. All proceeds go to the club with participants in the running to win one of three brand new Toyota vehicle. Our target is $20,000.00 in sales. Please scan the below code and purchase your tickets.

Hope to see you around the grounds soon.

Todd Williams

Match Reports:

Premier Division Men's Match Report with thanks to ARA Group
Premier Division Men Vs Sydney University
(PH 11.14.80 Defeated SU 8.7.55)

Friday Night Lights

Friday night we would play our makeup game that was intended for R1 vs Sydney Uni.

We knew we would be in for a 120min battle with both teams locked at 6-1, the winner to be a game clear in the top 3.  The last time we played Sydney Uni we would end their season (semi-final 2023). The game started hot as anticipated, both teams throwing everything at the contest. We would have a slender lead of 3 points going into the 2nd qtr. The 2nd qtr. again low scoring, fast, physical… half time scores locked at 23 all.

The 3rd qtr our mid field started to get on top I thought, Boag, Blow, Edmonds, Wray all seasoned footballers built for this type of footy. The last quarter was going to be a cracker with us leading by only 3 points, the message was to keep at it, and we would break them. And we sure did, we lifted our intensity and were able to get a couple of key interceptions to Hyams to Rush which resulted goals. Hey, Pitt & Hawes kicking key goals. We would kick 6.4 to 3 goals for the quarter.

Witt would do a great job as a defensive forward, Hyams would play his best game fort the club, kicking 2 goals and shutting down an elite runner for Sydney Uni. Mitchell, Willey, Connor Matthews also got the better of their match ups which went a long way in our win. We now move onto Manly in which will be 2 v 3.

Ben Roberts (Head Coach)
Best: Joshua Boag, Michael Carroll, Nicholas Hey, Patrick Witt, Ethan Hyams, Stephen Wray
Goal Kickers: H. Pitt 3, R. Hawes 2, E. Hyams 2, M. Blow 1, P. Witt 1, N. Hey 1, J. Rush 1

PHAFL Premier Division Women's

Premier Division Women's Match Report with thanks to Ritera Electrical Wholesale
Premier Division Women V’s Sydney University
(PH 0.1.1 Loss to SU 6.4.40)

Yet again we couldn't field our strongest team as players left for holidays and through a number of injuries but through strong numbers in the program, we called up 2 first gamers.

Congratulations to Charlotte Curren, Haylee Cole on their first games for the club.

We started strongly and was competitive in the first half. Our opposition was super clean with the football (the best l have seen this year by any team) and there over head marking was really strong.

Our defence lead by Kaitlin Noble, Kaitlin Quinn, Haley Lowe and the young Sheridan Baker should be really proud of themselves their commitment to our structures and competitiveness which was fantastic over the 4 qtrs. Kaitlin Noble your over head marking was a real highlight well done. Our mids after half time started to get there hands on the ball and gave us real drive forward. Well done Millie, Tara & Elly Rudd. Just remember to be the best in the comp you have to do it for 72mins nothing less. Charlotte Curren first game through the mids become better and better as the game wore on and has cemented herself in the team. Well done. Whilst the scoreboard didn't really show the true value of our game we are only 5-6 contested efforts away from really shocking our competitors.

Best: Tara Coopman (3rd time nominated for Raising Star), Kaitlin Noble, Kaitlin Quinn, Sheridan Baker, Amelia Bennett and Elly Rudd

Terry Mudge (Head Coach)
Best: Tara Coopman, Sheridan Baker, Kaitlin Noble, Kaitlin Quinlan, Elly Rudd, Charlotte Curran.
Goal Kickers:

Under 19.5 Division 1 Men's Match Report with thanks to Tyrepower Dural
Under 19.5’s Division 1 v Sydney University
(PH 2.3.15 Loss to SU 5.7.37)

“To be the best you have to beat the best”

We knew the importance of this game going in and we were treating it like a final.  We had some setbacks with players injured and unavailable for this game disrupting our initial plans.  However, we still had the depth to believe we were in this with a big chance.  It was always set to be a big contest.

The wind was blowing across the ground and this clearly impacted player ability to kick accurately and judge the flight of the ball in the air.  It was fast and fierce in the first quarter with both teams going at it hard and neither scoring a goal in the first qtr, testament to the strong defensive structures of both teams.

Luka and Lachy Pauly were gathering stats early and the ball was being dragged to one side of the ground due to the wind.  The attacking side was the opposite side and we attempted to switch but their defence was also strong.  Their pressure on us to limit time was very good as was their positioning behind the ball.  This caused us to make errors in kicking – missing targets and kicking around our bodies in general play.  No 26 their ruckman dominated in the first term.

We were pressing too high and not watching them over the back at times.  In qtr 2 we allowed them to run too freely with loose players in their forward half.  Fundamental errors allowed them their first goal – we missed shots on goal, missed kicks, we weren’t front and square to a contest when they were, and they scored from limited opportunities.  It was a hard, scrappy and defensive contest.  Josh Chapples efforts in the second qtr were fantastic up forward as was Cooper Smith on the wing.

Half time 0-2-2 to 2-4-16.

3rd qtr we made a couple of structural shifts to match up bigger bodies in the middle with Jack Roberts having immediate impact.  But again, we were very loose on turnover and our mids and flankers pushed too far forward allowing space behind us to get over the back too easily.  These structural lapses in concentration hurt us in a low scoring contest.

PHAFL U19 Division 1

Our first goal was from good play out of the middle with a mark and goal to Jimmy on the flank. But after this we allowed Uni to get an easy goal from end to end due to us running too far forward and not holding our shape and tightening up.  They kicked two goals from our forwards and mids not being tight enough in transition.

Q4 after a spray from the coach at ¾ time we came back hard and were in the game – still only 3 goals between us – so the game was there to be won if we could string together some better ball movement.  A great tackle by Cooper Smith lifted spirits and created a goal scoring opportunity with a great snap by Josh Chapple off the pack.  Our momentum was up and the test was whether we had the fitness and concentration to lift.  We needed to spread the ball and use our running players rather than kicking long down the corridor all the time.  However, we still missed targets and played into their hands with their loose players in defence stopping our forward entries.

A late goal to them with 2 minutes on the clock was the sealer.  We didn’t play at our best today and didn’t deserve to win, however they made a lot of errors too.  Big praise for our defenders who were largely in our best players this week, who held them out well and locked down when required.  But you don’t win games of footy without effective ball movement into our forwards and converting goals.

They beat us today with better skills to kick the ball to free players and holding their position and shape better than we could.  But in the end the game could have swung either way in a very tight and low scoring affair.

A few lessons from today’s game:

  • Our tackle pressure and handballs out of traffic were excellent, with more blocking and protection our players would have had more time. They pressured us well.
  • Our kicking was ordinary. Too many around the body and missed targets.
  • Holding our shape. Running forward when we should not have, a turnover happens and they jump us over the top.
  • We didn’t adjust our strategy going forward and used the long corridor kick too often, and they sat players behind the ball waiting for us to do this. We were  too predictable going forward. 

Justin Kerley (Coach)
Best: Jack Roberts, Ryan Lauff, Andrew Murdoch, Luka Jordaan, Joshua Chapple, Cooper Smith
Goal Kickers: J. Chapple 1, J. Georgalis 1.

PHAFL Division 1 Men's

Division 1 Men's Match Report with thanks to Pennant Hills Toyota
Division 1 Men V’s St George Dragons
(PH 4.2.26 Loss to SU 7.7.49)

Big task on Saturday as we went up against Sydney Uni and being the long weekend we had several players out. None the less we went into the game confident and understanding the task at hand.

Start of the game Uni put the pressure on kicking two early goals utilising their tall forward line. We got our build on and started our surge back kicking two majors ourselves. The pressure didn’t stop there, and Uni’s inaccuracy kept us in the game keeping the margin at half time to just five points.

We took the break to reassess as we had Le Lay subbed out and needed to fill the role in the backline. Our call ups from Div 3 stood up in Lucas, Lorschy and Glancy impacting the contests and working hard. The midfield led by Lucas and Trenamen were strong all day and with Darcy coping a concussion and being ruled out our rotations dropped. They worked extremely hard all day, but we were eventually over run by Uni who kept us to one point for the second half and beating us by twenty three points in the end.

We rest up, readjust and prepare for Goannas this weekend and the chance to take it back to Uni again.

Warren Atwell (Coach)
Best: Matthew Hall, Lukas de Vries, Joshua Everett, Tom Larby, Myles Collins, Jonathan Friend
Goal Kickers: M. Hall 2, N. Baglin 1, M. Carey 1.

What’s on This week

Club Thursday: At the clubrooms enjoy a traditional Hot roast beef roll for $8.00.

Past Players and Officials Day: Saturday 29th June
Great Day to relive past memories with old team mates and enjoy high quality football versus North Shore at home.

Breast Cancer Awareness Round: Saturday 13th July
A cause very close to us all. Come along and enjoy the events of the day, buy a champagne table in the club rooms, help us raise money for this worthy cause through quality raffles and auctions. Our premier Men and Women will play in the Breast Cancer Awareness jumper on the day.

Masters WAGS Day: Saturday 13th July
Masters Wags annual day, enjoy some champagne and finger food whilst supporting our legends.

PHAFL Breast Cancer Awareness